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  • Is it difficult to install Resysta?
    No, Resysta can be installed as easy as any other terrace system. Please see instructions provided in our installation guide.
  • Why is Resysta so Durable?
    Owing to its unique composition of ingredients, Resysta is very durable, sustainable and therefore environment-friendly. Resysta does not contain any wood components, which could result in rotting and splintering.
  • Why does Resysta not crack?
    Resysta on the one hand does not absorb moisture and on the other hand does not release any moisture. Therefore, crack-formation cannot take place and dimensional changes are limited to thermal expansion.
  • Does Resysta fade or gray after some time?
    Resysta will not gray. In the course of time – depending on environmental conditions – it may, however, become lighter in color. This can be avoided by staining – the color tends to intensify.
  • Is Resysta supplied already Stained?
    Resysta can be ordered‚ raw‘ (unfinished) or pre-stained/sealed (highly recommended). Stain and Sealer are available for those occasions where the product will be finished on-site.
  • Does a facade made of Resysta require elaborate maintenance?
    No. As water cannot be absorbed, paint chipping and weathering like with wood cannot occur. Please see the care instructions.
  • Is it possible to install Resysta around a pool?
    Yes, as Resysta is chlorine- and salt-water resistant. Furthermore Resysta offers best skid-resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for wet areas.
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